Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Building a Greener Tomorrow

Reduce carbon emissions via renewable energy deployment, asset maintenance, and carbon-intensive asset retirement.

We Do

As the need to tackle climate change takes centre stage in the thoughts of industry, government, and consumers, a pressing demand and strong commercial case exist to transition towards low-emission assets and renewable energy alternatives.

We’re supporting our clients to achieve emission reductions through the deployment of renewable energy infrastructure, retiring of carbon-intensive assets, and maintenance of assets to curtail energy consumption, waste, and emissions.

Prefabricated Solar

Rapid deployments of modular solar panels with solar tracking technology and flexible anchoring options for cost-effective solar deployments that can be removed and reinstalled as and when required.

Recent Projects

OSOS recently delivered Australia’s first prefabricated solar deployment at Norton Gold Fields’ Binduli operations in Kalgoorlie, West Australia.

The rapid installation of 2.3MWp of solar power, at a rate of 1MWp per week, sets a transformative benchmark for solar energy and is a testament to the vast potential for affordable solar solutions in the Australian mining industry and beyond.

In collaboration with Cambridge Energy and harnessing their cutting-edge NOMAD technology, these solar trackers feature a compact, prefab design and a unique earth anchoring system. Adaptable to any terrain, they prove invaluable in challenging or remote environments. Explore NOMAD solar trackers further on the Cambridge Energy website

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