Aged Care, hospitals and medical centre services

We partner-up with your aged care facility, hospital, or medical centre to provide specialist facility management and high-quality maintenance services.

With a pool of highly skilled and versatile resources on-call – across Australia or around the world – we optimise your business performance, helping keep your operations on track and on budget.

Our skilled project managers and experienced tradespeople work alongside your team to ensure projects are completed to your schedule. Providing specialist teams of handpicked, motivated people, we meet the requirements of even the most complex contracts.

Facility Management

Whether large or small, publicly owned or privately operated, we can manage and deliver all the infrastructure works and maintenance services for an entire health care or aged care facility.

Providing full-service project management, our team handle it all, from the estimating, to the scheduling, to the resource management. That’s right, we take care of everything, including the supply and supervision of the required workforce, as well as all tooling and logistical support.

Electrical, Instrumentation, & Control Systems

As licensed electrical contractors, OSOS Global specialise in electrical maintenance, ensuring the vital power supply at your aged care facility or hospital is operating efficiently and safely.

Our management team will assess your maintenance needs, then plan and deliver all aspects of the required works with our experienced and versatile workforce.


To help you onboard a skilled mobile workforce – for the short or long term – OSOS Global will supply vetted employees. We recruit, deploy, manage and maintain a trusted workforce you can depend on, including project managers and skilled tradespeople.

We make it simple to access a pool of skilled, reliable people for the completion of any contract or works. We ensure you have the correct amount of resources and an appropriately-skilled workforce to complete your contract safely and on schedule.

Maintenance & Repairs

OSOS Global provides maintenance services across the aged care, hospital, and associated health industries. We partner with our clients to safely and efficiently achieve their maintenance objective.

Our maintenance expertise allows your business to safely and effectively complete all the necessary onsite maintenance. Importantly, we implement preventative maintenance programs to prolong the life of your assets and protect the safety of your workforce.